Here is how you can get involved.

It takes courage to be the first person to open the door — figuratively or literally — to strangers. That's why we need welcomers. Welcomers like you. 

Welcome Letter

Send a warm welcome. We've created a friendly template letter that you can share with a newly resettled refugee to say hello and give them someone to reach out to. Just download it here, print it out, sign and mail it to a local resettlement organization near you.

Welcome Events

We've created toolkits that make it easy to host a 20 minute tea talk or an action dinner with toolkits we've created. Want to do more? Rally your own community and host an event with and for refugees. Whether it's inviting them to dance, play a game of soccer,  make music or dinner, you're ready to take things into your own hands. (see below for how)

Welcome Suppers

Co-host a supper with recently resettled refugees. We're working with partner organizations to match interested hosts with recently resettled refugees now through September. Sign up to break bread and build connections.

Welcome Home

Open your home to a refugee family in need of temporary or short-term. Finding a home is one of the most important and challenging things for newly arrived refugees and a temporary place can be hugely helpful to them. You can sign up here to offer a room or extra home for refugees in need. 

Welcome Towns

Kindness isn't just something that happens in a void, being human is a collective trait. We believe that there are places in our world that are filled with kindness. This fall we will recognize the most welcoming towns in the world.


Tea Talks are casual conversations meant to understand refugees and refugee issues.

Anytime during the Week of Welcome, bring some friends together at a local cafe for an honest conversation about what you know, and more importantly, what you don't know about refugee issues. 

We've made a toolkit for you to help you get organized and show you how it's done. 

Once you let us know it's what you want to do, we'll also answer any questions you might have and help you connect with others in your city.



Why Host a tea talk?

You know you should know more about refugee issues, but you don't quite know where to start. Reading headlines is exhausting, and you know you're probably not getting an accurate picture of who refugees are. 


Host any time during the Week of Welcome: June 19 – 25, 2017. A Tea Talk could be anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.


A local cafe, park, or community center works. 


An Action Dinner is a fun evening dedicated to brainstorming what we can do to welcome refugees into our communities.


Bring together friends, neighbors, or co-conspirators for a creative planning session where you'll connect with each other and the issue, share your gifts and ideas, and end with commitments to action.

We’ve created a handy action dinner toolkit that makes it easy for anyone to host a meaningful dinner with tangible outcomes.


Why Host an Action Dinner?

You care about refugees and want to do something helpful, but what? Doing things together is always more fun and full of possibility. This is a chance to bring people together to figure out what you can or would be willing to do, and to make a plan together.


Host any night during the Week of Welcome: June 19 – 25, 2017.


You can host at your or a friend's house or at a restaurant where you can all hear each other.


You can cook, cater, potluck, or order in! If you know of a refugee-run business, this is a great opportunity to order from them :).