When you are new to a neighborhood, city or nation meeting locals is the best way to feel part of a community. However it takes courage to be the first person to open the door to strangers. That's why we need welcomers.


From June 19th to the 25th 2017, the Welcome Party hosted the inaugural Week of Welcome. We had events listed around the world and over 2000 people came together to create ideas to build more welcoming neighborhoods for our most recent arrivals. Surprisingly more than 20% who participated were either refugees or former refugees.

Events from Around the World

You don't need to know or be a refugee to get involved. You can connect with friends and neighbors to talk about how we can create a more welcoming world. Join others to learn more about refugee issues or to get more involved in creating a welcoming society.

The Week of Welcome
From June 19th to 25th there were over 150 events in the 14 countries around the world, including inside three refugee settlements.

The Other 51
There are a number of events after June 25th and Airbnb and IRC are partnering up for a summer of Supper With Us, matching local residents with newly resettled refugee families for dinners. 

Connect With Us

If you have questions, want to collaborate, or share ideas in some other way, just email us at hithere@weekofwelcome.org